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deep within your heart lies, a severely rusted key
to a lost door obscured by 
the curtians of imfamiliarity
a chill of newfound bitterness 
fills this worn and aging room 
the sensation of entering warmth 
flowing through the crack beneath the door
unlock the door
let it rush to the surface with full sincerity
does time bring change or does change take time
this infamiliarity has left a sour taste in my mouth
but when i look into her eyes it strikes something
close to home a place i had forgotten long ago

zombie a dead child the color dream opens its eyes the withering nerve cries outward screaming teary wisper palpitation lost somewhere out there a distant fading memory of a world with color skies of bright blue oceans of purity the color paint dissolved on the decomposing magic mask peel it off grey scales and empty eyes rarely does the wisper creep through the machinery monotonous drones give way to a lost child's soul

all songs copyright 2000 Alex d.